2x Universal Fridge Water Filter Compatible with Daewoo Fridges using DD7098

Pack of two Universal water filter cartridges compatible with Daewoo fridges which use 1/4" water pipe and an external filter cartridge. If your fridges currently uses the DD7098 filter this means you will have 1/4" pipe & an external cartridge.

Cartridge features built in 1/4" Push Fittings

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Pacl of two Universal Fridge Water Filter Cartridge, compatible with Daewoo fridges which use 1/4" water pipe & an external filter

If your existing filter model is DD7098 / DD-7098 This means your fridge does use an external filter & 1/4" water pipe.

This filter has built in 1/4" Push Fittings at either end. You simply push your existing 1/4" Water Pipe straight into the cartridge and it will grip to make the connection, there is no need to use fiddly screw connectors.


Carbon Filter

Removes high levels of Chlorine and Organic Chemicals and Pesticides from the water. Manufactured by a Water Quality Association member and uses materials which are NSF certified for the collet components.



1500 US Gallons / replace every 6 months



Also Suitable For  

Fridges using 1/4" Water Pipe, Reverse Osmosis Water Filters, Aquarium Filters, Upright Drinks Dispensers, Commerical Water Filters, & any appliance using 1/4" Water Pipe.



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